What Are AI-Powered Earbuds? - Everything You Need to Know!

You may have seen a variety of wireless earbuds and earphones, each boasting advanced features to enhance our audio experience. But what you probably haven't heard of is AI-powered earbuds. If smartphones can incorporate AI, why not earbuds? It's 2020, after all!

In this article, we'll discuss everything about AI-powered earbuds. What's special about them? How do they work? Are they worth it?

 Below, we'll quench your thirst for all the answers, so read on!

    What exactly is AI?

    Artificial intelligence basically means machines that can think on their own and make decisions. Incorporate that into earbuds, and you've got yourself a pair of high tech smart buds. They will make listening to music as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

    Not only are you cutting the cord and freeing yourself from fussy stuff, but there is more to it. Smart AI-powered earbuds also help you stay safe and aware of your surroundings, so you can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere.

    How? We're about to find out.

    How Do Earbuds Make Use of AI?

    Remember the last time you were listening to music and someone beside you was trying to talk to you, but you couldn't hear the person? AI-powered earbuds help prevent such awkward situations. They'll let you hear important sounds that you should be hearing while blocking out the noise that disrupts your music. Hence, they keep you safe and alert.


    AI-powered earbuds also enhance ANC. But before we dive into how all that works, let's understand what's ANC, as it's an essential feature that comes into play here.

    What is ANC Function? 

    Most earbuds come with some sort of foam or silicone ear tips. They prevent noise from entering your ears, which is known as passive noise cancellation. However, Active Noise Cancellation or ANC takes noise-canceling up a notch and works very differently.

    Earbuds with ANC have a tiny microphone on the outside. This enables the earbud to listen to sound waves on the outside that are coming towards your ears.

     Active Noise Cancellation

    In order to prevent them from entering your ears, the earbuds produce a sound wave of their own, which cancels out the incoming noise. Think of it as an 'anti-noise' that clashes with the noise coming from the outside, and boom - both sound waves disappear.

    While ANC doesn't cancel out 100% of the noise, it does help keep most of it out. Quality earbuds will ensure that this clash of sound waves happens as quietly and smoothly as possible.

    Transparency Mode, ANC, and AI

    ANC is useful when you want to relax while listening to music in a busy and chaotic environment, such as a subway. But what happens when there's an important announcement?

    With ANC blocking out noise and music blasting away in your ears, you're probably going to miss it.

    For such situations, high-end earbuds come with a 'transparency' or 'ambient' mode. When it's turned on, the tiny microphone allows sounds like traffic, alarms, or sirens to creep in while you're listening to music, so you're aware of what's happening around you.

    These earbuds can intelligently amplify such sounds with the help of a programmed chip so you can hear them clearly through your music. Meanwhile, they will block out the sounds of people chattering, birds chirping, etc. Smart, isn't it?

    AI also makes ANC more effective. It reduces or increases the intensity of noise-cancellation depending on your environment. By recognizing and selectively blocking different frequencies in your surroundings, it takes ANC to another level and makes it even more effective.

    Intelligent ANC, in turn, makes use of the battery more efficiently and helps it last longer. 

    Reduxbuds - AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds

    Now, let’s have a look at one of the best Al powered earbuds, Reduxbuds. It’s invented by a group of technical geniuses who worked on the Kickstarter project.


    What does it do? Simply put, Reduxbuds combines artificial intelligence with the ANC feature to give the best audio experience possible.

    But this isn't the earbud's only specialty. Reduxbuds also bring you comfort, convenience, and seamless connectivity, all packed into a pair of lightweight earbuds. No wonder it raised nearly four million US dollars on Kickstarter - who wouldn't want to own a pair of these smart earbuds?

    If you're curious to find out more, here are some of the features that Redbuxbuds has to offer:

    ●     Graphene Nanotech Speakers

    What differentiates these earbuds from others is their enormous graphene drivers. They produce sound waves more efficiently than old school drivers due to their strength and lightweight.

    The result? Premium sound quality with clear highs and deep and rich bass, perfect for any kind of music.

    ●     AI-Powered, ANC, and Transparency Mode

    As we explained earlier, combining artificial intelligence into your earbuds will bring you a more effective ambient and ANC mode, and that's exactly what Reduxbuds does.

    No matter where you are, the earbuds in ANC mode will calibrate its intensity according to the noises in your environment, which helps increase its battery life. Not only this, but its AI-powered transparency mode can recognize more than 6000 sounds, so it lets in what you're supposed to hear and blocks what it deems as noise.

    ●     Secure Fit

    Some earbuds are comfortable but loosely fitted, while others are secure but hurt your ears. Reduxbuds are a combination of comfort and a secure fit, built for joggers, cyclists, etc. Play outdoor sports or workout in your gym - these earbuds aren't going anywhere.

    Plus, they come with three ear tip sizes, so you can find a comfortable fit for yourself.

    ●     Long Battery life

    When we say these earbuds have a long battery life, we don't just mean seven or eight hours. We mean a whopping 100 hours, including the 90 hours you get from its charging case.

    With 10 hours of continuous playback, you can go about your day while listening to music or staying on call. If you run out of charge, use the charging case to recharge your earbuds anywhere and anytime, without having to worry about cables or a power outlet.

    You will have to recharge the charging case after a couple of days. And when you do, it'll not take more than two hours, thanks to the type-C fast-charging port.

    ●     Touch Functions

    Another great thing? You have touch controls in high-tech earbuds such as Reduxbuds.

    Simply tap the earbuds to perform a variety of actions, including switching between modes, answering calls and switching between them, adjusting music volume, and so much more.

    ●     Bluetooth 5.0

    Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, Reduxbuds offer nothing less than the latest technology. This allows you to have a seamless and strong connection with no annoying lags.

    ●     Dual Beamforming Microphone

    Often, earbuds fall short in terms of quality when it comes to their mics. However, with this mic, your voice will sound crisp and clear to the person on the other end, especially after it blocks out noises in your background.

    Also, the mic can hear every command you make to your phone's voice assistant. It doesn't matter how noisy your background is; it will catch all of your words.


    It's time to upgrade the way we listen to music, and AI-powered earbuds make sure of that. With their remarkable features, these earbuds are worth the extra bucks.

    It's the first step towards combining artificial intelligence and wireless earbuds, opening doors to thousands of other possibilities. Soon, we could have earbuds with their own smart assistants that can talk back to us. Who knows?