5 Ways to Stay Focused at Your Gym Session


Let’s face it: nothing beats a good workout session at the gym. Between the high-end workout equipment and the various membership perks, the gym environment is almost perfect. If only it wasn’t such a landmine of distractions.

Think about it. How many times have you sat back after a long gym session and thought to yourself: “that could've gone better.”?

If you feel like you didn’t have a productive workout, there’s one main reason why. No, it’s not because you didn’t do enough reps. Nor is it because you could have lifted heavier weights.

The only thing that defines a good workout session is your focus level. Focus is everything; it keeps you determined, and it helps you keep good form.

So how do you stay focused at your gym session? Keep reading to find out.

1.  Go In With a Plan


One of the worst things you can do at the gym is winging your entire workout session. While everyone has a different goal, people seem to think that they can just follow any standard workout routine endorsed by any self-proclaimed fitness guru and get the results they want.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all workout regiment. Instead, you need to know your goal, go into each session with a plan, and track your progress to see whether or not it’s working for you.

●     Set a Goal

There are two things you need to think of when you're setting a goal.

First, think about what changes you want to see in yourself. Do you want to lose or gain weight, build muscle, increase your strength, become overall toned, or just be more active?

Remember: you can have more than one goal so long as you realize that everyone responds differently to each exercise.

Second, you need to set a realistic timeline. Long-term, sustainable results can take months, if not years, to achieve. Reminding yourself that you’re in it for the long-haul will help you let go of mid-workout frustrations and instead focus on the task at hand.

●     Plan Each Session

Now that you have a clear picture of your goal, you need to set mini-goals. In other words, you need to plan out each workout session down to the last detail. This includes targeted muscle groups, exercises, sets, and reps.

Consequently, you’ll start having more productive and efficient gym sessions. Think about it: the less time you spend deciding on the next exercise, the quicker you can get your hands on an exercise machine before someone else hogs it up again.

2.  Mind Your Form


The only thing that hurts worse than a workout session gone wrong is a session done just right! Sore muscles are a classic indication of a productive workout. However, strained or pulled muscles are a tell-tale sign of an incorrect form.  Distraction and fatigue are the biggest reasons for inappropriate form. When you’re nearing the end of your session, your body tries to cheat and rush through the exercises.

What you need is to be constantly mindful of your body movements and muscle engagement. There are many ways you can concentrate on your form, even in a crowded gym. 

●     Take Help From the Instructors

Gym instructors are there for a reason. The best thing about professional trainers is that they can seize back your focus should you begin to drift off.

 gym trainer

Additionally, they can also give you feedback on your form. Often, you won’t even realize you’re doing something wrong unless someone else calls you out on it.

●     Stand In Front of a Mirror

There’s a reason that so many gyms have mirrored walls; if you have bad form, you can instantly spot it and correct yourself.

You should always try to stand in front of the mirrors while performing any exercise. It might seem silly at first, sure. But when you’re getting constant visual feedback, no amount of loud grunts or clanking weights can ever break your focus.

●     Get a Spotter

One great thing about crowded gyms is collective determination. Everyone is out there challenging themselves, and most of the time they’d be willing to help you out, too. 

If you’re in the gym during peak hours, you might as well make the best of a bad situation and ask someone to spot you. This way, you can push your limits without risking serious injury.

3.  Tune Out the Noise

Look, there’s nothing wrong with the top-100 playlists that loop over the gym speakers. But when you’re working out, you need just the right music to get you in the zone. Plus, sometimes you just want to drown out the background noise and go ham. 

●     Wear Noise-Cancelling Water Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds

If you want to clock out an efficient gym session, the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds will help you maintain focus.

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The ANC technology calibrates to your surroundings and adjusts with the music. This way, you’ll spend less time fussing with the volume and settings and more time on your actual workout.

In addition, ReduxBuds are also the best water-resistant Bluetooth earbuds. With an impressive IPX5 rating, sweat beads are no match for ReduxBuds’ waterproof construction.

But that’s not all. ReduxBuds’ most convenient feature is the touch control and voice commands. This means that you can stop, pause, and change tracks without disrupting your exercise.

●     Make a Playlist Beforehand

Don’t waste time scrolling through your Spotify playlists. By the time you’ve found the perfect song, your heart rate will have lowered, and you’ll lose your momentum.

Or you’ll look up to find that someone else took the last of the free weights.

4.  Lock Away Your Phone

Phones are way too distracting when you’re trying to do anything. The constant urge to reach over and check your notifications quickly turns into a social media spree. Before you know it, you’ve wasted your whole time.

 gym schedule

What’s even worse is that many people try to pass the time and watch Netflix. But that’s the thing; you’re not supposed to “pass the time” at all. Instead, you need to stay 100% focused and present.

If you know your phone enables you too much, try to minimize the damage.

●     Get a Locker

Almost all gyms have lockers, but members usually have to sign up for them separately. If you have a locker, you can just lock away your phone until your session ends.

●     Use an MP3 Player

If you’re putting away your phone, you need alternate sources of music. The easiest way to do this is to just use an MP3 player that has Bluetooth connectivity.

An MP3 player is more compact than your phone, making it much easier to tuck away in your pockets while you work out.

●     Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

If you don’t have an MP3 player, then the next best thing is having an offline playlist of your workout music.

Then, you can simply put your phone on airplane mode and block out all external distractions.

5.  Pick a Good Time

The best time to hit the gym is whatever time works best for you.

 gym workout

However, while you should be as flexible as possible with your timings, there are some optimal hours of the day when the gym is least crowded.

Nevertheless, you must take your gym’s timings into account. Some gyms are open 24/7, which leaves you with a lot of options.

●     Early Morning

The time around 4 AM to 6 AM is ideal if you prefer completely empty gyms. You basically have all the equipment to yourself, and no one is going to hover around you waiting for you to finish up.

Plus, there will be barely any noise. If you like working out in silence, you won’t find a more tranquil time than this.

You can even opt for an open-air warm-up under the serene dusk sky.

It’s also a great time to work out in general; you can kick-start your day in a healthy way and ride that energy high into the night.

Additionally, you won’t be worried about other things, such as work or school or upcoming meetings. At this hour, the only thing you need to worry about is having a good gym session.

●     After Midnight

Another great time to hit the gym is after midnight. Past-midnight is great for all the same reasons as daybreak. It might be a little more crowded, but you won’t see more than a handful of people.

Another thing to consider is that you might be too exhausted or stressed out after the whole day. As such, you won’t be able to concentrate or perform as well.

It all depends on personal preference. Just make sure to pick a time when nothing else is preoccupying your mind.

 Redux buds bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds


At the end of the day, the ultimate thing that will help you achieve your goal is an unwavering resolve. For this, you need consistent and unyielding focus.

Your aim should be to maximize your efficiency and minimize distractions. Whether this means that you ask strangers to help you out or invest in the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds is completely up to you.